First time making a pineapple upside down cake in a cast iron skillet was a success!
STOP THIEF! Help us please?


Hello lovely Tumblr fans, we have some rather sad news to bring you. Yesterday during our set up for Sakura-Con someone walked off with an entire tote of our stock. We’re asking anyone in Seattle or here on Tumblr to please help us keep a watchful eye for anyone trying unload our products in a…

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I love love that these are dark without being like ~twisted~ ~evil~ whatever portrayals.  Like, these are all straight-up moments from their stories but they’re haunting and sinister and wonderful.

Love these

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Do you want to build a pentagonal dodecahedron…..?It doesn’t have to be a pentagonal dodecahedron.



The Fall Soldier

whoa there satan

Doctor Who practically takes over one category in the Hugo Nominations with Adventure in Space and Time, Name of the Doctor, Day of the Doctor and the Five(ish) Doctors reboot getting nominated.
Congrats all - but especially to Peter Davison. Man, you nailed that.
New galaxy print leggings get! #galaxyredlegs @blackmilkclothing
Comic haul from last night



modern day rebels

This makes me happy

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