Patterned and cut out the back. Looks like I’ll be spending another few days in spandex bias tape hell >_____<
pattern making night XD. Just finished supergirl’s red lantern emblem, next is patterning the back side of her leotard.


When it comes to merchandise, I really wish Sailor Moon and Precure got the same level of treatment as Madoka. I’d love to have high quality props and figures, as well as cosplay and themed snacks and pretty much all other kinds of merchandise Madoka gets that the other two series don’t.

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there’s a secret reason why Madoka gets this and SM and Precure don’t.It’s misogyny. girls aren’t “serious fans”

Nevermind the figuarts for all the scoutsand the prop quality wands bandai is releasing. Let’s not talk about the scaled figures either. Or any other other tons of merchandise that’s been released or will be released soon.


Baby Puffer Fish

dis face means I r mad



We go forward.

This is too deep to comprehend.

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Last nights dinner, that I’m currently eating the leftovers of XD

More like Let’s pretend this fabric doesn’t exist


this game is gonna be great. 

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